When everything feels like work

The best thing about freelancing self employment is that just about everything I like to do can be categorized as either business development or research. Reading about culture and current events on Bosnian, Croatian, or Serbian alternative sites. Catching up on the latest developments in the intersection of medicine and technology, law and technology, or law and genetics. Reading about website optimization, translation tools, theories of organizing and presenting information.

“Networking” is also a nice way to kill make productive use of my time. Engaging with colleagues on LinkedIn, Yahoo! groups, LISTSERV groups, and through all the private discussions that grow out of these groups can be viewed as “relationship building.”
Thinking about language and translation, and what it means to transfer thoughts expressed in one language into another with accuracy… I love that.

But this afternoon, everything I love to do feels like work.

On the bright side, at times like these the guest room gets vacuumed (eh) or the lawn gets mowed (did it before lunch).

If I were under deadline, I would of course be itching to do all of the above and lamenting the lack of time. Now, I just want someone to tell me what to do.

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