Even when I’m not working . . .

I’m working.

https://dbaplanb.wordpress.com/the-latest/ (February 2013 entry)

One of my prime motivations in choosing or changing careers has been to try to get paid for doing what I enjoy and would be doing anyway. What I always fail to consider is that I am going to keep doing what I enjoy whether I get paid or not (although my unpaid work is for myself and the public good, not for commercial purposes). So I end up working all the time. My work starts as a hobby, and when I change careers, it becomes a hobby again, on top of any new hobbies I’ve picked up in the meantime. Tinkering, helping friends with projects, photography, sound editing, writing, translating, gardening, and now blogging.

At least I was realistic enough to recognize that beading and folk-dancing were not going to be viable as careers. Theater yes, macrame no.