Crambe repetita

I marvel at the richness of my professional life. From my basement-office-with-a-view, I collaborate and converse with colleagues in the neighborhood (that is Wilmington, Newark, Philadelphia), in the region (along the Atlantic coast, from D.C. to Connecticut), and across the U.S. (North Carolina, Illinois, California, New Mexico). I keep up with friends and colleagues across the globe, and even listen to midnight broadcasts of my favorite Hungarian station, Tilos Rádió, as I work.

I take online classesreal classes, with deadlines and grades — from experts at renowned universities.

I have a say in the policies, priorities, and projects of my favorite professional organizations.

I stay abreast of trends and opinions about the trends (and trends about the opinions about the trends) in the translation and publishing industries by participating in online discussions and reading blogs and (occasionally) scrolling through Twitter feeds.

So even though it’s just me inside and the birds and bunnies outside, I’m not isolated or out of touch. I feel like my closest colleagues — and even a few clients — are only a shout away. I hope they feel the same about me.