If I Could Convince You of Only One Thing, It Would Be This: Value Yourself

In life as in business; in business as in life.
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I am often overwhelmed by all of the alerts and calls to action that come through my email, and I wonder about my own message. Is everyone as inured to my lectures about feminism and media literacy as I am to their barrage of equally worthy appeals? And what are the chances that someone who doesn’t agree with my position will be won over, if they even bother to read what I have to say? We each have our own soapbox these days, but we are mostly preaching to the choir now that the public space is virtual and everybody can customize their path through it to find only “likes” and avoid anything they don’t like.

Even among my friends in the feminist-humanist movement, there are vast differences of opinion on key issues. And it is so unfulfilling – after the flush of ego exhilaration wears off – to keep…

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