Falling in love with your author

IMG_9299_2013-05-23Although I don’t recommend it, sometimes it just happens.

I’m speaking of a long-distance, intellectual romance, of course, not a physical relationship.

What brought this on?

I just finished working with an author on preparing a grant application for the PEN/Heim Translation Fund. It was rather spur of the moment, especially considering that the author only contacted me at the end of December. I found the grant website on January 4th, and the grant deadline was today, 20 days from our intitial contact.

The whole thing unfolded like a whirlwind romance: Tentative first conversations, looking for signs that he likes me (my translation, that is), reciprocating compliments about his writing, agreeing to commit to apply for the grant, delegating roles — who would be responsible for what sections (am I being too bossy, does he like take-charge women?), constant e-mails back and forth as we compile information and check each others’ work, getting a little jealous reading in his bio that he’s worked with other English translators, staying up all night together as the deadline looms, the last-minute flurry of messages right up until the end . . .

And now that it’s over, I wonder when he’ll call me again. 😉