1992 Circus Flora

1992 — Circus Flora, St. Louis — Touring one-ring tent circus, with animals
Positions: Production Manager and Lighting Designer (freelance, six-month season)
Production manager job responsibilities: Determine set-up and tear-down schedules; coordinate production schedules with publicity events; contract set-up and tear-down laborers; provide heavy machinery as needed (fork-lifts, tractors); research local veterinary services and vendors of animal feed and supplies; provide services for concessions and amenities for artist and production entourage (porta-potties and cleaning services, industrial and potable water hookups, septic disposal for recreational vehicles, telephone land lines).

That’s me on the right (above).

In 1992 I took a seasonal gig as the production manager for Circus Flora, a one-ring circus based in St. Louis. Sometime during the season — the only time, and against my better judgment — I agreed to dress up and ride Flora in the Main Street parade.

One Lucky Elephant (article at Salon.com)
One Lucky Elephant (film website)
See what Circus Flora is up to now: http://www.circusflora.org/



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