1997-99 Plan B, d.o.o. Zenica

“A domestic company with an international perspective.”

I used this tagline for my Bosnian company, Plan B, which I started working on in 1997. The company was shortlived, but what a learning experience!

PlanB doo Zenica May 1999 Promo

From my company brochure:

The idea for PLAN B developed directly from the work experience of Paula Gordon as Head of Office for the American Refugee Committee in Zenica 1996-1997. Much of her time was spent communicating with ARC international headquarters, facilitating cooperation between international donors and local organizations, coordinating activities with other NGOs and beneficiaries, briefing individual donors, solving logistical problems, and organizing activities for visiting delegations.

She noticed that these “hospitality and logistics” services could not be fully carried out by local staff, nor could just any American carry them out successfully, precisely because these tasks required familiarity with American—as well as Bosnian—geography, language, culture, and protocol. She realized that by establishing an agency for facilitating communications between international and domestic partners, she could fill an established need and invest in the local economy. She could be independent and create an enjoyable job for herself while taking advantage of her specific skills, education, and experience to establish a successful business.

And so began the yearlong process of founding PLAN B.

We had some interesting assignments with interesting clients: The World Bank, Freedom House (US nonprofit, civil society), a film crew from Boston, Hasen Do Karate Club, Sarajevo Zima (arts festival), the World Health Organization, the Soros Media Center, and the Zenica Motorijada (daylong motorcycle rally).

I’ll try to dig up some photos.