Or sole entrepreneurship, or running your own business — whatever. It’s what we do.

First things first: Due diligence
Make sure your potential clients are who they say they are and take steps in advance to make sure you’ll be paid for your work.

Freelancing as a translator
A list of resources for the translator and for the knowledgable — or soon to be knowledgable — buyer. Also ATA Business Practices and Mentoring links.

Freelancing as an editor
Copy editor, proofreader, substantive editor, developmental editor… Links to pages to help you learn about and perfect your skills at all of the above.

 A few free online tools for taking care of business

“Days from now” converter: Quickly calculate the date N number of days from today. Useful when you want to mark on your invoice or calendar when payment is due for those clients who pay in 15, 30, 45 days. Will even calculate business days from now.

PayPal fee calculator: Just what it says. By the late Ryan Olbe. More of his online calculators can be found at

United States Postal Service price calculator, mobile version: I still send letters and packages once in a while, don’t you?

Bank of Canada’s 10-year currency converter: The best one I’ve found in terms of flexibility and currencies available.

Unit-of-measure converters: Everyday units, simple interface.