ATA Mentoring Program Materials

UPDATE: Deadline for the class of 2015 is March 7th!

For official program information, see the mentoring page of the American Translators Association (ATA) website.

Mentoring is a process whereby an experienced individual — the mentor — provides support, guidance, and assistance to a less experienced individual — the mentee. The ATA Mentoring Committee was established to aid qualified mentees in finding mentors and to develop and implement programs to encourage and support those in mentoring relationships.

The focus of the ATA Mentoring Program is to teach the business side of the translation and interpreting professions. All mentees are expected to have adequate linguistic ability, some business knowledge, and clear, attainable goals.

Click the image below for a PDF version of the Mentoring Program Orientation Session presented at the 54th Annual ATA Conference in San Antonio (Nov. 6-10, 2013). The PDF includes the one-page handout and a link to the new Savvy Newcomer blog.

Mentoring Orientation Slide 1 2013 San Antonio_v01 [Compatibility Mode]

A three-page handout from our January 2013 webinar is available here:

To contact the ATA Mentoring Committee, write to The program is open only to ATA members.

For links to more resources for freelance translators and interpreters, see the ATA Business Practices page. There you’ll also find a link to the ATA Business Practices list (members only — be sure to include your full name and member number in your application to join) and links to articles about the translation and interpreting professions.

For new and old ATA members, did you know about the webinar How to get the most out of your ATA membership and the handy online list of resources? Yeah, me neither! But now we do!



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