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Prose/fiction: “Meat,” a short story by Montenegrin author Ilija Đurović. Published in Lunch Ticket, Winter/Spring 2017, and a finalist in The Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation & Multi-Lingual Texts. Lunch Ticket is the literary and art journal from the MFA community at Antioch University Los Angeles.

Prose/Memoir/Literary non-fiction: “The Runner from Džidžikovac,” “The Test,” and “Black on White,” three short stories by Bosnian artist Nebojša “Shoba” Šerič. Published in Copper Nickel, the literary journal of the University of Colorado Denver, fall 2016. Copper Nickel no. 23.

Interview: “Hatred, Silence, Violence, and Kafkaesque Institutions: An Interview with Dragoslava Barzut.” Published in the Words without Borders “Dispatches” blog, 7 July 2016 (

Poetry: Translation of poem, “The Death of My Parents in the Village” (original title “Smrt roditelja na selu”), by Dragoslava Barzut. Published in Words without Borders, June 1, 2015 (

Drama: Translation, The Family Historian (original title Pisac porodične istorije), play by Ljubomir Đurković. Translation originally commissioned by Kraljevsko pozorište Zetski dom, Cetinje, in spring 2015. In progress.

Drama: Translation, Medea (original title Medeja), play by Ljubomir Đurković. Translation commissioned by playwright. Reading script complete — production and publication inquiries welcome.

Refuse / Otpad

Refuse / Otpad

Drama: Translation, Refuse (original title Otpad), play by Ljubomir Đurković. Bilingual publication of full-length stage drama with translator’s notes and glossary. Podgorica: Montenegrin National Theatre, 2003. ISBN 86‑7414‑024‑6. Revision in progress. Production and publication inquiries welcome.

Poetry/Prose: Translation of artist’s poetry and other writings for inclusion in Others and Dreams, an art book produced for an exhibition of the same name by Bosnian artist Šejla Kamerić. Frankfurt am Main: Portikus, 2004. ISBN 3‑928071‑72‑6.

Film: Subtitle translation, Grbavica: The Land of My Dreams (original title Grbavica), feature film by Jasmila Žbanić. Awarded the Golden Bear for best film of the 2006 Berlin Film Festival. Subtitles commissioned by filmmaker for festival submissions in 2005.

Film: Subtitle translation, Loving Glances (original title Sjaj u očima), feature film by Srđan Karanović. Subtitles commissioned in 2004 for U.S. DVD release by TLA Releasing.

Film: Subtitle translation, North Went Mad (original title Sjever je poludio) feature film by Aida Begić. Subtitles commissioned by filmmaker for festival submissions in 2003.

Film: Subtitle translation, Images from the Corner (original title Slike sa ugla), short documentary film by Jasmila Žbanić. Subtitles commissioned by filmmaker in 2003 for festival submissions and screenings.

Film: Subtitle translation, First Death Experience (original title Prvo smrtno iskustvo), short film by Aida Begić. Subtitles commissioned by filmmaker for festival submissions and screenings in 2000.

Video: Subtitle translation, Sarajevo International, seven-video installation by Croatian artist Kristina Leko. Presented by the Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art in 2001.

Video: Subtitle translation, numerous short videos produced by ProBa, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Subtitles commissioned for screenings at the 6th Sarajevo Film Festival, August 2000.

Essays: Translations of essays on contemporary art and artists have appeared in numerous exhibition catalogs and in the following publications:

Aspects/Positions: 50 Years of Art in Central Europe, ed. Lóránd Hegyi. Vienna: Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, 1999. ISBN 3‑900776‑84‑9.

Mustafa Skopljak (monograph). Sarajevo: Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art, 2000. ISBN 9958‑9510‑3‑7.

Art from the Box. Sarajevo: National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2002. ISBN 9958‑607‑04‑2.

Maja Bajević: Women at Work. Sarajevo: National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2002. ISBN 9958‑607‑05‑0.

One Century of Modern Art in Bosnia and Herzegovina (guide to the permanent exhibition). Sarajevo: National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2001.

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Translation editor

Poetry: Translation review for Gertrud G. Champe’s translation of Ribanje i ribarsko prigovaranje [Fishing and Fishermen’s Talk], a 16th Century Croatian poem (1684 lines) by Petar Hektorović. Champe’s translation, along with her critique of the work, to be published by Cambria Press. (See blog post about it.)

Poetry: Language editor for Croatian and Serbian, Ardea, multilingual journal of short-form poetry, John Kinory, ed. Issues 2 and 3, ongoing. Available at

Poetry: Translation editor, translations of contemporary poetry for the magazine MobilArt: Monthly Review for Culture and Society. Podgorica: Montenegro Mobil Art Foundation. Issues 17–21, 2002.

Prose: Translation editor, artist chapbook, Brief Encounters with Strangers: Nine Stories from NYC, by Croatian artist Kristina Leko. For her show at the Balkan Consulate exhibition at < rotor > in Graz, Austria, 2003.

Film: Translation editor, film treatment for feature film, working title Balkan Odyssey, by Bosnian filmmaker Bahrudin (Bato) Čengić, 2003.

Film: Translation assistant and script and audio consultant, Black Kites, award-winning experimental film by Jo Andres, based on the war journals of a Sarajevan artist. Before Your Eyes Productions, NYC, 1994.

Impressum of the Critics Seminar magazine.

Impressum of the Critics Seminar magazine.

Critics Seminar magazine cover (one side for English and the other for Bosnian).

Critics Seminar magazine cover (one side for English and the other for Bosnian).

Journalism: Editor-in-chief, Critics’ Seminar Magazine. Transcripts of seminar sessions, critic and student film reviews, and a resource guide for student journalists, in Bosnian and English, 182 pages. Sarajevo: Sarajevo Film Festival, 2001.

Essays: Edited translations have appeared in numerous publications, including programs of the Sarajevo Film Festival, exhibition catalogs and monographs published by the Sarajevo Center for Contemporary Art, the catalog of the Fourth Cetinje Biennial of Fine Art (Montenegro, 2002), and the catalog of the Chain of Discoveries exhibition of site-specific art installations and performances (Montenegro Mobil Art Foundation, 2002).

Editor and proofreader

Drama: Editorial reader, not knowing, by Mike Taylor. Emergency Play Scripts 3. Brooklyn: Ugly Duckling Presse, 2014. ISBN 978‑1‑937027‑02‑5. See

Prose: Proofreader, memoir, From Fear to Love, by Harry Willson, ed. Zelda Gatuskin. Albuquerque, NM: Amador Publishers, 2012. ISBN 978‑0‑938513‑42‑1.

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