The great thing about translation and editorial work is that I get to engage with doers and thinkers without having to wear a flak jacket or surgical gown or having to pull a night-before-the-festival-starts all-nighter. (That’s not to say that all-nighters aren’t still sometimes required.) The pages here contain links that I have found helpful in my research of various topics and those I visit to stay up to date and to help me procrastinate.

Audio-Visual: film festivals, photography, radio, sound sharing

BCSM: links to sites about learning Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin, and links to sites about the languages

Education links: links to sites about degree equivalency

Law: Blogs about all types of law

Medicine: Medicine, health policy, links to journals

Regulatory & Clinical Trials: Links to regulatory bodies, bookmarked while translating and reviewing clinical trials documents

Journals: Mostly open access, directories of journals, publisher links, direct journal links (some social science, science, and agriculture mixed in)

Semiotics: + Linguistics + Philosophy — what does it all mean?

Statistics: Resources for learning about how to read the numbers.