What Can I Do For You?

A problem spotter and problem solver, I can help you bring your publications to press and your projects to completion without the drama, as I have been doing for artists, businesses, and nonprofit organizations for over thirty years.


  • Translation from Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin, and Serbian into English
  • Editorial services
  • Project assistance

Translation for publication and research

  • Medical translation (journal articles, case histories, reports, medical records) medical translation resume
  • Literary fiction (plays, film subtitles, short stories) | literary translation resume
  • Literary nonfiction (memoir, journalism, critical essays)
  • Translation and summaries of archival documents, online material, audio and video files

Translation for quality assurance, compliance, record-keeping, and personal use

  • Back translation (clinical trials, labels, health-related quality of life [HRQoL] and patient reported outcomes [PROs] instruments)
  • Information-only translation (internal use only, personnel travel documentation, correspondence)
  • Translation or gisting of meeting or interview transcripts, survey responses, internal records

Editing for publication

  • Journal articles, government grants, reports, white papers, exhibition catalogs, website content | medical editing resume
  • Substantive editing: Read for sense, logic, and narrative flow. Does the text achieve its purpose?
  • Copyediting: Read for style, grammar, and usage. Is it written in language the reader can understand?
  • Proofreading: Read for errors and adherence to style guide or instructions. Does it comply?
  • Style guides: Chicago, APA, AMA, Bluebook and others

Multilingual editorial support

  • Translation review and editing (check translation against the original, flag errors, edit, and/or proofread)
  • Multilingual research
  • Technical editing (functionality testing)
  • Style reconciliation
  • Textbook production support (chapter resource lists, manuscript preparation, preproduction tasks under supervision)


  • Voice prompt recording for telephonic IVR systems
  • Digital audio editing

View or download my brochure (print two-sided on letter-size paper).


E-mail (preferred): paula@dbaPlanB.com
Tel/fax: 1-866-238-7591 (US only, toll-free)
LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/PaulaG
Twitter: @dbaPlanB
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dbadbaPlanB

If you don’t use Plan B, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself! 🙂